Review: Northern Flyer

Northern Flyer is the self-titled debut release by a foursome of Vermont musicians, and while the band may be new the members have been around the music scene plenty long enough to establish solid credentials – band members are: Andy … Read More

Review: Molly Tuttle – Rise

Bluegrass generations seem to fly by as rapidly as grandchildren grow up. Bill Monroe was still anchoring the stage with some future of his own to go when Futureman was firing up his percussive space machine behind Bela Fleck. Gillian … Read More

Review: Mile Twelve – Onwards

Sam Bush once said that Bill Monroe was the ultimate feel player. It’s a backhanded compliment in a way, despite Bush’s clear reverence, because what he was saying was that Monroe lacked melodic precision, playing more to rhythm. He was … Read More

Review: Mile Twelve House Concert

Gayle Yeomans and I attended the wonderful house concert by Boston’s Mile Twelve at Lynn Rosen’s lovely, comfortable home in Rhinebeck Friday Sept. 8. The room was nearly full; a good, and appreciative crowd. It was Mile Twelve’s final northeastern … Read More

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