Review: Robert Hale – Blue Haze

What brings an artist to bluegrass? Robert Hale shows us with his great new CD, Blue Haze. Over the years, Hale has gained attention for his world class musicianship, performing with countless musicians. His background includes playing at the Grand … Read More

Review: Fireside Collective – Elements

“Newgrass” has become such an integral part of bluegrass that sometimes you can lose track of what’s “new” and what’s “traditional,” not to mention the shadings in between. Fireside Collective certainly checks all the newgrass boxes; driving rhythms, powerful harmonies, … Read More

Review: Bees In The Barn

Bees in the Barn is an acoustic quartet based in Beacon, NY, consisting of nationally and internationally active and accomplished musicians working across numerous genres including musical theater, jazz, classical, international folk music, and progressive bluegrass. All these influences are … Read More

Review: Della Mae – Headlight

Della Mae’s recent album, Headlight, their first full-length release in over five years (though they did release the highly regarded EP Butcher Shoppe last year), finds the band breaking bluegrass tradition and exploring new areas both lyrically and musically in … Read More

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