Injury Prevention Tips Musicians

Orthopaedic Hand Specialist Offers Tips to Musicians on Injury Prevention this Season Music brings great joy to the world. But not without musicians paying a heavy price in occurrences of pain throughout their careers. Playing an instrument is physically demanding … Read More

Remembering Dave Barney Today

With shoulder length hair of the day, he knocked on my front door. The year was 1974. Richard Nixon was our president, and my dad was trying to get reception on the radio channel WWVA of Wheeling West Virginia as … Read More

And The Winners Are….

The first New York Fiddle Contest held at the Dutchess County Fair has ended and it was a rousing success!  We had over 15 contestants, including some from New Jersey and Connecticut.  Our three judges (Ambrose Verdibello, Bob Green, and … Read More

Bluegrass at Arlington Street Fair

Last year, the HVBA presented the Bill Monroe Centennial Celebration at the Annual Arlington Street Fair to a very appreciative audience. We are thrilled to have been invited back to participate in this year’s street fair and five of our … Read More

Evolution of Bluegrass

HVBA’s six-week bluegrass course at Marist College’s Center for Lifetime Studies has wrapped up, and by all accounts it was a smashing success. Each 75-minute session was part informational and part musical, with a different instrument highlighted each week. Instructional … Read More

Earl Scruggs: The Sound

My story is like many others. I first heard the sound in the 60’s as a poor mountaineer missed his shot and struck oil. I listened, watched, and was amazed at the sound in in the 70’s, as 4 guys … Read More

New York Fiddle Contest

We are ready to go!  The New York Fiddle Contest, co-sponsored by the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association, will be held on August 26. Applications are limited, so get yours in early!  This contest is open to all fiddlers, not just … Read More

State of the HVBA

David Angell, President I am honored to be the new President of the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association (HVBA). I remember my first encounter with the HVBA in the late 90’s back when I was looking for a group to play … Read More

Meet Dave Angell: HVBA’s New President

The Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association is delighted to welcome its new president, Dave Angell, who has agreed to take over the leadership of the organization from HVBA’s founder, Jeff Anzevino. Dave has long been one of the group’s most active … Read More

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