Special Consensus Plays Up A Storm!

by Craig Marshall POW!  “You liked that one?  Well, here’s another!”  POW!  And so it went all evening with one high-energy performance after another as the Special Consensus band delighted its audience with great bluegrass numbers played with gusto.  Our … Read More

Songwriting Part 3

Songwriting Software: MasterWriter version and other resources Songwriting Part 2 was my interview with Claire Lynch on the writing of her song “The Woods Of Sipsey.” All the resources in this article have not been fully tested and therefore … Read More

A Day of Bluegrass Videos

On Saturday, October 3, 2009, the HVBA hosted a Day of Bluegrass at Barnes & Noble in Poughkeepsie to celebrate the book signing of Gene Lowinger’s new book, “I Hear a Voice Calling: A Bluegrass Memoir.” Four Member Bands, CB … Read More

Show Business

by Kat Mills After nearly 20 years of playing solo gigs, from busking on the street to high-profile festivals,  I have learned some lessons about how to make the experience better for you, your audience and your wallet.  And, believe … Read More

The Bluegrass Tao

A PRACTICAL INTRODUCTION TO THE ART AND CUSTOMS OF BLUEGRASS JAMMING [Note: This is the first of the Bluegrass Tao series] INTRODUCTION Although the terms “jam session” and “jamming” have their roots in the jazz culture of the 1930s, humans … Read More

Hey Mister Bassman

by Doug Marcus Thoughts on playing bass; Bluegrass, Blues and Beyond I love playing bluegrass bass, however I am not strictly a purist when it comes to being the traditional bluegrass/rockabilly slapper. My approach to bluegrass bass is a result … Read More

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