When You See Those Flying Saucers

While perusing the local newspaper recently, an article caught my eye, big time. The headline read “Extraterrestrial Ground Zero.” Whoa Nelly! I had to read about this. It turns out that the town of Capilla Del Monte in Argentina (population 16,000) has a fetish for creatures from outer space. It all started in 1986 when a giant circle of burned grass was found on the slope of one of the principle hills in the town. Local residents were interviewed and … Read More

Bill & The Belles House Concert

Sunday, August 26 @ 3:30pm 42 Haggerty Hill Road, Rhinebeck, NY $15/Members – $20/Non-MembersTickets limited to the first 40 people The setting for this concert couldn’t be more charming and comfortable. Enjoy this fun music and then treat yourself to a delicious dinner in quaint Rhinebeck, NY. Buy Your Tickets Now Member Tickets Member $15.00 USD2 Members $30.00 USD3 Members $45.00 USD4 Members $60.00 USD Non-Member Tickets Member $20.00 USD2 Members $40.00 USD3 Members $60.00 USD4 Members $80.00 USD MEET … Read More

July Jams Cancelled

The Fourth of July jam has been cancelled…we are not going to hold a jam that night. Go out and enjoy the fireworks or read the Constitution!!! Or do both! In addition, because so many of you will be attending the Grey Fox Festival, we are cancelling the July 20th jam. See you there and hope to see you all back at the jams beginning in August.

Fox On The Run

The Country Gentlemen  In the early 1970s “Fox on the Run” was among the most requested bluegrass songs. Along with “Rocky Top,” a bluegrass band could scarcely play a show without fans yelling for “Rocky Top” or “Fox on the Run.” The song was written in 1968 by an Englishman named Tony Hazzard and first recorded as a rock song by Manfred Mann in February, 1969. The first bluegrass band to record it was Cliff Waldren and the New Shades … Read More

The Big Bang Theory of Bluegrass

If the “big bang theory” helps to explain the origin of the universe, perhaps “the big bang theory of bluegrass” will shed some light on the origin of the bluegrass music universe. First, let me say that there are two schools of thought as to the origins of bluegrass music. One has Bill Monroe single-handedly inventing bluegrass music around 1945. The other takes a more evolutionary approach, with a number of musicians and bands contributing to the sound we now … Read More

Joe Walsh & Celia Woodsmith Band

Saturday, May 26 @ 7:30pm Unitarian Fellowship 67 South Randolph Avenue, Poughkeepsie Tickets: $15 at the doorCelia Woodsmith is a Grammy nominated performer and songwriter from Kittery, Maine. Lead singer of the highly acclaimed Bluegrass ensemble Della Mae, she has toured extensively all over the world. Described by The Boston Globe as “Unvarnished and intimate…but then sounds like she’s about to part the Dead Sea” Woodsmith has opened for and played with artists such as Taj Mahal, Leon Russel, Peter Rowan … Read More

Why Are There So Many Banjo Jokes?

Maybe you’ve heard the one about the banjo player who always sits in a level spot so the tobacco juice will run out of both sides of his mouth. Or the guy who makes a perfect score by throwing a banjo in a dumpster without hitting the sides. He earned extra points for landing on top of an accordion. Or what has 16 legs and 3 teeth? The front row of a banjo concert. Or what do you call a … Read More

The Secret Signals of Musicians

It’s Saturday night. Instead of relaxing safe at home plopped comfortably in front of your big screen TV, you’ve got your hind quarters parked squarely on a hard folding chair. If that’s the case, chances are you’re either at a festival watching your favorite bluegrass band, or perhaps you’re huddled under a tarp in the pouring rain jamming with friends or total strangers at a fiddlers convention. Either way, you often witness secret or not-so-secret signals or cues from one … Read More

Gibson Brothers Return to The Hudson Valley

Saturday, April 14 @ 7:30pm Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center Theater 12 Vassar Street – Poughkeepsie, NY  YES, TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR Members: $30 Non-Members: $35 Buy Early – $10 More at the Door SOLD OUT – Supporters & Premium Reserved Seats: $50/Members, $60/Non-Members So sorry! The Supporter tickets have sold out. However, every seat in the house is a great one, so don’t wait too long. They are going quickly.

The Feinberg Brothers – January Concert

Friday, January 26 @ 7:30pm Unitarian Fellowship 67 S. Randolph Avenue – Poughkeepsie, NY $15 The Feinberg Brothers is an authentic bluegrass band from Long Island, New York. The band features brothers Rourke (fiddle) and Patrick (mandolin) singing lead and tenor, along with their father and longtime bluegrass musician, Ronnie Feinberg on guitar and vocals. Brothers Rourke and Patrick are among the top young bluegrass artists in the North Eastern United States. By blending their bluegrass roots with a classical … Read More

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