Norman Blake: An Appreciation

Norman Blake is my favorite guitar player, at least my favorite old time/bluegrass/country/and more guitar picker, and one of my favorite songwriters. This probably colors my view of his work and affects my objectivity, so bear it in mind when … Read More

Christmas Time’s a-Coming

Christmas songs dealing with both the sacred and secular aspects of the holiday have long been a staple of popular music. Indeed, these songs were sung long before there was anything that could be called “popular music.” Some carols are … Read More

Remembering Sonny Osborne

Bluegrass lost a giant last month with the death of banjoist Sonny Osborne. With his older brother Bobby in the Osborne Brothers band, Sonny made some of the most innovative, exciting, and controversial bluegrass of the 1950s and 1960s. The … Read More

Roots Of Bluegrass—Brother Duets

The pop and country music worlds lost another iconic musician with the recent death of Don Everly of the Everly Brothers, who were probably the most influential of the brother vocal harmony duet acts of the last century. (Don’s brother … Read More

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