This Is: Chris Thile

Chris Thile has worn many hats in his three-decade career on the mandolin. Starting as a bluegrass wunderkind in the 1990s, he found his stride with original innovative mandolin melodies—which he brought to the smash-hit group Nickel Creek in the … Read More

Then and Now: Jim & Jesse

Jim and Jesse are one of the most iconic of bluegrass’s first generation of pickers. The McReynolds brothers had a sound that was all their own, featuring Jim’s high tenor and Jesse’s distinctive cross-picking mandolin style. But how does their … Read More


Trying to keep up with your New Year’s resolution and exercise? Then this is the playlist for you! This list features hard-driving, upbeat tunes to keep you going during your workout. With hits from Josh Williams, Jesse Brock, and Jim … Read More

Great Bluegrass Teamups

This week’s playlist is all about great teamups. From longtime collaborators like Pete Rowan and Tony Rice, David Grisman and Sam Bush, and Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott to short-lived supergroups like Strength in Numbers, bluegrass is a genre with … Read More

Great Bluegrass Solo Tracks

Bluegrass is famously an ensemble genre: a standard bluegrass band will usually have one fiddle, one mandolin, one banjo, one guitar, one bass, and sometimes a dobro. But what happens when some of the genre’s best decide to go it … Read More

Bluegrass 2022

Bluegrass is in an interesting spot in 2022. Young artists with strong songwriting chops and broad appeal—looking at you, Billy Strings and Molly Tuttle—have seen bluegrass’s popularity creeping into the mainstream to a degree not seen since the early 2000s … Read More

Bluegrass On The Move

Whether it’s by train or by plane, bluegrass songs love to feature a man on the move. Whether it’s going back to the old home place or on the road to nowhere, some of bluegrass’s most iconic songs talk about … Read More

This is: Tim O’Brien

Tim O’Brien is a man of many musical hats. Through the years, he has evolved a mandolin style that seems at home in every genre he touches: folk, rock, country and Western, and of course, bluegrass. While you probably know … Read More

Then and Now: John Hartford

John Hartford is one of the most quintessentially American musicians to ever hit the bluegrass scene. Like Tony Rice and David Grisman, he crafted music that was somehow as ancient as it was modern, all with songwriting skills that recall … Read More

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