Bluegrass Does Gordon Lightfoot

On May 5th, the world lost Gordon Lightfoot, one of the most influential and accomplished folk musicians of all time. Lightfoot’s complex yet gentle songwriting, often with environmentalist and transcendentalist undertones, made his works big hits in rock, folk, and … Read More

Bluegrass Quadruple Plays!

Most songs and tunes in the bluegrass canon have been around the block a couple of times—to say the least. Many classics dating back to the first generation of bluegrass performers or earlier have been recorded dozens of times throughout … Read More

This Is: The Gibson Brothers

We couldn’t be more excited to have the Gibson Brothers back to the HVBA tomorrow, Saturday 22nd! Eric and Leigh have been making bluegrass together for more than three decades. Their discography reflects their deep musical connection, with harmonies that—in … Read More

Then and Now: Doc Watson

Doc Watson, despite being blind since childhood, was a bluegrass visionary in all the right ways. He walked the line between centuries-old Appalachian musical traditions—owing to his upbringing in rural North Carolina—and pushing bluegrass forward alongside contemporaries like Clarence White … Read More

Playlist: Bluegrass On The Farm

Bluegrass helps the work go faster—especially down on the farm! Farming features heavily in bluegrass, and a lot of professional bluegrass musicians are farmers themselves, including Union Station bassist Barry Bales and Balsam Range fiddler Buddy Melton. This playlist features … Read More

This Is: Special Consensus

Special Consensus graces the HVBA’s stage on Friday, March 10 @ 7:30pm. We couldn’t be more excited to have one of modern bluegrass’s most storied groups pay us a visit—and when I say storied, I mean it. Special C has … Read More

This Is: Chris Thile

Chris Thile has worn many hats in his three-decade career on the mandolin. Starting as a bluegrass wunderkind in the 1990s, he found his stride with original innovative mandolin melodies—which he brought to the smash-hit group Nickel Creek in the … Read More

Then and Now: Jim & Jesse

Jim and Jesse are one of the most iconic of bluegrass’s first generation of pickers. The McReynolds brothers had a sound that was all their own, featuring Jim’s high tenor and Jesse’s distinctive cross-picking mandolin style. But how does their … Read More


Trying to keep up with your New Year’s resolution and exercise? Then this is the playlist for you! This list features hard-driving, upbeat tunes to keep you going during your workout. With hits from Josh Williams, Jesse Brock, and Jim … Read More

Great Bluegrass Teamups

This week’s playlist is all about great teamups. From longtime collaborators like Pete Rowan and Tony Rice, David Grisman and Sam Bush, and Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott to short-lived supergroups like Strength in Numbers, bluegrass is a genre with … Read More

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