Great Fiddle Waltzes – A Playlist

by David Chernack If there’s one type of tune that feels most at home on the fiddle, it’s the waltz. From Bill Monroe classics like “Lonesome Moonlight Waltz” and “Mississippi Waltz” to contest favorites like “Golden Fiddle Waltz” and “McHattie’s … Read More

Bluegrass Does The Beatles

by David Chernack Bluegrass artists venturing outside of the realm of their own genre to find material to cover always produces some special results. But combining our favorite all-American genre with the music of Liverpool’s best? Now we’re talkin’! The … Read More

It’s A Bluegrass Christmas 4!

It’s that time of year again! The intersection of Christmas music and bluegrass music is a special one—and is even, sort of, its own little subgenre. From bluegrass-specific classics like “When the Bluegrass is Covered with Snow” and “Christmas Time’s … Read More

BoozeGrass – A David Chernack Playlist

Whether it’s rye whiskey, barroom beer, or that good old Mountain Dew, booze features heavily in bluegrass music. Although these songs usually don’t occur in such rapid succession—usually there’s some God-fearing gospel in there to water ‘em down—this list features … Read More

Playlist: Bluegrass Behind Bars

Murder ballads, hard drinking, conniving thievery, and other crimes feature heavily in the bluegrass canon. It’s all fun and games until those characters end up in the county pen—and that’s what this playlist is all about! Blue Highway, Mile Twelve, … Read More

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