Bluegrass Program Presented at the Poughkeepsie Day School

The Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association began what we hope will become a series of workshops at Poughkeepsie Day School on March 21, 2022. Split up into two groups, students in the lower school (grades PreK-4) and the upper school (grades 5-12) learned all about the origins of Bluegrass, the different instruments played, and key musicians who revolutionized the genre.

Students and teachers were able to interact with and ask questions about the instruments played: a banjo, fiddle, upright bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and resonator guitar. Ending the upper school meeting with the student request of “Folsom Prison Blues” was a highlight for the group. The ease of the workshop made it enjoyable for all involved and the music was an obvious bonus.

Special thanks to the musicians who made this happen: Eric Marshall (coordinator & bass), Joan Harrison (banjo), Bruno Bruzzese (fiddle), Jon Ahmadjian (guitar), Andy Bing (mando), and Walter Ensor (dobro).

This video was put together somewhat hastily for you …. just to get a feel for what the morning felt like. Do NOT blame any flaws on Fred Robbins. He was there filming, but this video is by the amateur wanna-be videographer, Lynn Lipton.


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