Bluegrass Jeopardy

Thanks to Fred Robbins’ we have views of 6 real Jeopardy answers collected over the few years.

You reply with the questions (stated in the form of a question!) and we’ll total up your score in $$. Next Friday Dick Bowden will post a Final Jeopardy, on which you can bet some or all of your winnings. The contestant with the most $$$ will receive the grand prize — the review copy of the brand new CD by Rock Hearts, recently reviewed in our newsletter! You provide your own Jeopardy 30 second timer music.

For extra credit, look for a minor error in one of these answers and please take note of Andy Bing’s comment below before you answer the questions.

For $1,600 (Below)

For $2,000 (Below)

4 Responses

  • The next newsletter will report the correct questions and the $$ scores of all contestants, and the Final Jeopardy answer for contestants to wager on.

  • Answer 5 mentioning Northeastern and Berklee College is worth $1600.

    Answer 6 mentioning the “Boys” who helped Bill Monroe is worth $2000.

    Good luck, and remember you MUST reply in the form of a question!!!

  • All right! Great crop of reponses so far. Still time for more folks to reply before you get all distracted with Thanksgiving Day. Lord knows bluegrass trivia is more important, but, hey, it is what it is!

    You can reply in the website, or you can email Lynn. Whatever works for you.

    There’s $6000 in “points” available from the 6 real Jeopardy answer clues. When all entries are in and Lynn closes this phase, watch for my Final Jeopardy clue. Yes, I’M writing the Final Jeopardy. All contestants will be told their score and invited to wager some or all of it on their Final Jeopardy question. And remember IT MUST BE STATED IN THE FORM OF A QUESTION!!!!!! We’re cutting some folks a little slack on their first round of replies because this is a new experience. But on Final Jeopardy, if you state it as an “answer” instead of a “question”, you will LOSE.

    You know my trivia can be deep catalog historical, or quite modern and general. So consider well how much you want to wager!! There’s such a thing as wagering to win, and wagering to lose, in Jeopardy. All you will know in advance about my Final Jeopardy clue is the category. From the category alone you’re going to have to ponder on what kind of an answer I’m going to give you, and what your chances will be of getting the correct question. The highest final score will get the new Rock Hearts CD that I reviewed.

    In the meanwhile, keep those questions coming in!!

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