Bluegrass Brothers, Sisters, and Families

It’s all about family for plenty of history’s—and today’s—best bluegrass bands. From the proto-bluegrass legends of the Carter Family to foundational groups like the Stanley Brothers, sharing family ties was a key aspect of the genre’s early days. Today, that sentiment still runs richly through bluegrass: whether it’s brothers Spinney or Gibson or Kreuger, bluegrass siblings and families make some of the best music out there. Enjoy this playlist of bluegrass brothers, sisters, and families!

David Chernack

David Chernack is a fiddler, mandolinist, and guitarist from the Hudson Valley. Trained as a classical violist, David found out about bluegrass music in high school and despite his best efforts has been unable to kick the habit in adulthood. He picked up mandolin and guitar in college in Boston, where he studied environmental science and music. While not at his day job or pickin' 'grass, David also enjoys birdwatching and wrenching on cars.

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  • Point well-made David! Right back to the Monroe Brothers, Sam & KIrk McGee – the Boys from Sunny Tennessee, and many more.

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