Billy Strings Trivia

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What is Billy Strings’ real name?

A. William Apostol

B. Hank Williams IV

C. Will Forte

D. William Stringer

E. William Gibson Martin


Additional Bowden Comments

Was this one too hard? Or has no one heard of Billy Strings, the latest phenom to hit bluegrass music? Love him or hate him, he’s filling up big venues at high ticket prices! He picks pretty good on the guitar.

His real name is William Apostol. Answer A.

There is a Hank Williams III working on the country music circuit. I don’t know his provenance. Not bluegrass, although he has appeared with Leroy Troy a few times around Tennessee.

Will Forte is a comic actor who worked on Saturday Nite Live years ago.

William Stringer is a figment of my imagination. As is William Gibson Martin — I thought name would naturally lend itself to being shortened to Billy Strings, for Gibson and Martin brands of strings.

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