Bill & The Belles

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“Harkening back to the good ol’ days when families used to gather around the “wireless” radio for entertainment, Bill and the Belles’ genuine warmth, humor and musicality make everything old new again, right down to their button-top shoes. Their spot-on harmony vocals, well-researched novelty material and top-notch instrumentals deliver a well-paced show that makes us remember why we love this music so much.Betsy Rome

“Bill and the Belles bring early country music off the porch, into the parlor, and gussy it up with a string of pearls. Sparkling harmonies and soulful instrumentation wrapped up in the warmth of humor deliver an authentically classic show that delights like a visit with an old friend.”Joan Harrison

Hard to choose just ONE video, so why don’t you listen to all of them and see why this concert is a MUST!! Now head on over to YouTube and search for more Bill & The Belles videos!!!

For those of you who remember, the fiddler Kalia Yeagle was a student at Vassar College when we first heard her incredible voice and fiddling. She was immediately swallowed up by various local bands before her graduation. So, it is with great excitement that were are able to snare Kalia and her newest project, Bill & The Belles, for a rousing and fun-filled concert!!!

“Bill and the Belles is committed to helping early country music remain appreciated–not just replicated.” – Rolling Stone

“A 78 RPM shellac record come to life. What a wonderful and authentically American sound… ” -Music City Roots

With striking three-part harmonies and masterful instrumentation, Bill and the Belles skillfully breathe new life into the sounds of early country music. At the foothills of the Blue Ridge and the forefront of old time music, Bill and the Belles (Johnson City, Tennessee) continue to further the music traditions of their region. From sentimental Southern ballads to the popular songs of Tin Pan Alley to regional fiddle breakdowns, a Bill and the Belles show is a celebration of the diversity country music once represented.

Lifelong musicians Kris Truelsen, Grace Van’t Hof, Kalia Yeagle, and Karl Zerfas bring to the stage an uplifting show unlike any other, full of humor, high spirits, and all-around revelry. It’s clear this group shares a rare musical connection and deep love for the music, and their excitement is contagious. Bill and the Belles are hitting the road with fervor, eager to share their music with new audiences. They continue to play alongside America’s top country and roots music artists as the resident band for the historic radio program Farm and Fun Time presented by Radio Bristol and the Birthplace of Country Music.


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