The following audio clips are available for you. All of the following CDs are waiting for someone (like YOU) to review them. Listen to a clip from each of them and let us know which CD you would like to have for reviewing.

The Dillards: Old Road New Again
“Tearing Our Liberty Down”

Robert Hale: Blue Haze
“Mr. Bojangles”

Ray Cardwell: Just A Little Rain
“Standing On The Rock”

Turning Ground: Crazy House
“Loving Wife”

The Roe Family Singers: Roll Up The Rug
“Don’t Worry About The Rich Man”

Daryl Mosley: The Secret Of Life
“A Few Years Ago”

Appalachian Road Show: Tribulation
“Sales Tax On The Women”

Steve Thomas & The Time Machine: All Of These Years
“I Wonder Where You Are Tonight”

JB & Jamie Dailey: Step Back In Time
“White Oak On The Hill”

Thomm Jutz: To Live In Two Worlds-Volumne 1
“Calling Me Home”

Flashback: Blues Around My Cabin
“Will You Fold My Flag For Me”

Barefoot Movement: Rise and Fly
“Lonely Mississippi Blues”

Aaron Bibelhauser: Lovin’ and Leavin’
“You Take The Leaving Out Of Me”

Jeremy Garrett: Circles
“I Am Who I Am”

Sideline: Breaks To The Edge
“Someone Like You”

SteelDrivers: Bad For You
“Mama Says No”

ARTIST: Christmas On A Greyhound Bus
“Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy”