The following audio clips are available for you. All of the following CDs are waiting for someone (like YOU) to review them. Listen to a clip from each of them and let us know which CD you would like to have for reviewing.

Balsam Range: Aeonic
“Get Me Gone”

The Farm Hands: Good Things
“Good Things”

Ray Edwards: A Golden Anniversary Celebration
“The Life Of A Mountain Man”

Turning Around: Old Country Store
“I’ve Lived A Good Life”

Mickey Galyean & Cullen’s Bridge: Songs From The Blue Ridge
“Too Late To Say Goodbye”

Cindy G: Moonshiner’s Daughter
“More Good Looking On You”

New Town: Old World
“Never Miss The Sun”

Clay Hess Band: Just Another Story
“All The Time”

Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road: True Grass Again
“True Grass”

Williamson Branch: Free
“Old Man Hoback’s Farm”

High Fidelity: Hills and Home
“The Leaf of Love”

Hot Buttered Rum: Lonesome Panoramic
“Sittin’ Here Alone”

Love Canon: Cover Story
“Kyrie Eleison”

Sideline: Front and Center
“All Because of Me”

Claybank: No Escape
“Where’s A Train When You Need One”

The Hutchison Brothers: The Hutchison Brothers
“I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name”

Dave Adkins: Right or Wrong
“Roll Little River”