The following CDs are available for you. All are waiting for someone (like YOU) to review them. Watch them and let us know which CD you would like to have for reviewing.

Amanda Cook- Narrowing The Gap

2nd Song – “Burning Down The Mountain”

Dale Ann Bradley – Things She Couldn’t Get Over

Byron Berline – Early In The Morning (3 CD Set-Old Time, Bluegrass, Swing)

Phil Leadbetter & The All Stars of Bluegrass – Swing For The Fences

Thomm Jutz – To Live In Two Worlds Volume 2

The Dillards- Old Road New Again

Ray Cardwell – Just A Little Rain

Turning Ground – Crazy House

The Roe Family Singers – Roll Up The Rug

Daryl Mosley: The Secret Of Life
“A Few Years Ago”

Appalachian Road Show: Tribulation
“Sales Tax On The Women”

Steve Thomas & The Time Machine: All Of These Years
“I Wonder Where You Are Tonight”

JB & Jamie Dailey: Step Back In Time
“White Oak On The Hill”

Thomm Jutz: To Live In Two Worlds-Volumne 1
“Calling Me Home”

Flashback: Blues Around My Cabin
“Will You Fold My Flag For Me”