The Three-String Dulcimer

One of the first bluegrass instruments was the one string dulcimer, said to be jointly invented by Harry Dulcimininni and Martin Herkimer, who named the instrument by combining their two last names; the first part after the first part of … Read More

Showcase Review: Long Steel Rail

Full Disclosure: These guys are friends of mine. I have a soft spot for 1-4-5 country style and honky-tonk music as opposed to the “new-grass” minor chord improvisation that sounds like a band that’s tuning up. That being said, Long … Read More

My Favorite Album

I remember a picnic in the fall of 1968 when I was discussing music with the late Danny Del Santo, who was a member of the Arm Brothers Band with our own Jerry Oland.   I was saying how I … Read More

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