Making Poetry Into Bluegrass Lyrics

Recently I came across an old copy of collected poems by Ogden Nash,(1902-1971) an American poet hailing from Rye, NY. Best known as writer of humorous poetry. Nash loved to rhyme and he was fond of crafting his own words … Read More

Spotlight On Kat Mills

Receiving an announcement from Kat Mills recently about her forth upcoming CD, I realized it was time to check in with this long time HVBA member who was around at the very dawn of the organization. A little history from … Read More

Spotlight on Roundabout Ramblers

  Recently it was my pleasure to talk to DB Brown and Randy Cornelius from one of longest running bands in Poughkeepsie, formerly known as the Raymond Avenue Ramblers in the late 70’s on up, they are now reborn as the Roundabout Ramblers. … Read More

Spotlight on Too Blue

  An interview with Joan Harrison who will be appearing at the HVBA fundraiser this Sunday, May 31st with the band- “Too Blue”. Q. What’s up with “Too Blue,” I hear there’s a new recording in the works. A. We kicked … Read More

Slugging It Out On The Front

“How I learned to stop worrying and love the banjo” October 1972, The 3rd set had begun at “On the Hill,” a long gone by nightclub in Danbury, Connecticut. The place was packed and crawling with beer soaked bikers and … Read More