Review: Hammertowne

“In most cases, much forethought, planning, and sometimes recruiting, goes into forming a musical unit. But not in this case. This group of musicians gathered in a studio as session players on a solo effort, and something special transpired. After … Read More

The Hillbenders: Can You Hear Me?

The Hillbenders have been a rising young force in the bluegrass/newgrass scene, taking the titles at the 2009 Telluride Bluegrass Band competition and the 2010 National Single Microphone Championship. They’ve been hitting the bluegrass festival scene and livening up events … Read More

Review: Red June – Beauty Will Come

An apple review from the Big Horse Creek Farm website: “A long-time Southern favorite, Carolina Red June is believed to have originated in the early 1800’s in Tennessee. This apple has long been highly valued for its early ripening qualities. … Read More

Review: Sierra Hull – Daybreak

After listening to Daybreak numerous times to absorb the feel of it, I found such a large Alison Krauss influence that I expected to find her listed as the producer (she’s not, the album was co-produced by Barry Bales and Sierra … Read More

Cumberland River: The Life We Live

If Cumberland River doesn’t sound like your high lonesome bluegrass, maybe it’s because they hail from the coal country of Harlan County Kentucky.  This is dirty knuckles, grease, and coal dust bluegrass. The instrumentation is strong and the lead vocals … Read More

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