Review: Mile Twelve – Onwards

Sam Bush once said that Bill Monroe was the ultimate feel player. It’s a backhanded compliment in a way, despite Bush’s clear reverence, because what he was saying was that Monroe lacked melodic precision, playing more to rhythm. He was … Read More

Review: Sam Bush – Storyman

Sam Bush is such a perennial of Americana music, from first gaining lots of attention with Newgrass Revival, going on to be the King of Telluride … and he’s just kept on going. Through it all, subtle is not something … Read More

Review: Sierra Hull – Weighted Mind

Innovation has long been an important part of the musical endeavor, and it’s often the first person to happen upon a new idea—rather than the people who refine it—that remains foremost in our minds. That’s certainly true in bluegrass, and … Read More

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