January 15, 2021 Trivia Question

January 15, 2021 TRIVIA QUESTION What bluegrass performer helped Emmy Lou Harris establish her “bona fides” in the traditional country and bluegrass music world around 1980, insisting before this person joined her band that Emmy Lou must include some Louvin … Read More

End of 2020 Musings

I remember back when the Covid virus broke out in March, thinking, we may be living with this at Christmas! How true that has turned out to be, and it’s now the worst it has been. Those of us who … Read More

November 6th Trivia Question

This Contest is Closed The winner is George Nasca November 6 TRIVIA QUESTION What is Carlton Haney MOST famous for? A. He managed/booked Bill Monroe for awhile and tried to court Bill’s daughter B. He managed/booked Reno & Smiley for … Read More

October 30 Trivia Question

This Contest is Closed The winner is Todd Evans October 30 TRIVIA QUESTION In the world of electric guitars, the current rage is a brand-new instrument that has been “distressed” at the factory to look old and used. This development … Read More

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