Review: “Susanville” by Dixie Bee-Liners

by Rich O’Hanley “Enter highway. Drive more than 2000 miles.” And so begins the Dixie Bee-Liners concept album, “Susanville.”  The concept is a road trip, but this isn’t Leon Copas or C.J. McCall telling epic tales of the road.  There … Read More

Special Consensus Plays Up A Storm!

by Craig Marshall POW!  “You liked that one?  Well, here’s another!”  POW!  And so it went all evening with one high-energy performance after another as the Special Consensus band delighted its audience with great bluegrass numbers played with gusto.  Our … Read More

Review: Bluegrass Time

by Tom Brown They say a picture is worth a thousand words and Bluegrass Time by Phil Zimmerman is more than a collection of photographs. The book also contains a host of stories, biographies and interesting bluegrass facts, from the … Read More

Ernie Thacker: The Hangman

by Doug Trotter This is an enjoyable listen. Nothing that I would consider really hard driving bluegrass  music, but the songs have bluegrass instrumentation and songs that are reminiscent of Marty Robbins gunslinging ballads. The song that really sticks out … Read More

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