A Brief History of Homespun Tapes

by Happy Traum From reel-to reel tape to DVD Homespun Tapes grew out of the conviction that making music is a positive and beneficial activity for both professional musicians and for those who want to play just to entertain themselves, … Read More

Stone Walls, Steel Bars, The Bluegrass Show

HVBA member Jim Wright, aka “Cowboy Jim,” spins the vintage grandfathers and mothers of mountain music, old time and their legacy throughout the decades and into today’s diverse bluegrass music scene on Station WGXC every other Monday night from 7-9:30PM. … Read More

West Point Jam-October 23, 2010

by Mary Jane Pitt Note: The following article, written by Mary Jane Pitt, the Editor of the “News of the Highlands” was sent to us.  The correction, to be noted, is that the President of the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association … Read More

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