Rebel Records Releases Relics

by Rich O’Hanley The folks at Rebel Records must have been cleaning out an attic, or a cellar, or a shed or some other outbuilding and found some previously released material and, because they found it, they decided to release … Read More

The McPeak Brothers: Yesteryears

by Roy Streever What a night to write a CD review! A beautiful sunset, the last great weather of 2011, a wonderful cabernet. OK, let’s talk about the McPeak Brothers. Unless you’re a hardcore bluegrass listener and go back a … Read More

With Heartfelt Appreciation

by Janice MacDaniels “An ad on the wall of a music store looking for a bluegrass jams session and a desire to see, hear and play more bluegrass inspired the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association. Only a week old and already … Read More

Laurie Lewis and The Right Hands – THANK YOU

Thanks to Laurie Lewis and The Right Hands for providing a happy audience with an exceptional night of energetic and beautiful bluegrass music. Those who attended were thrilled to hear this California based band in Poughkeepsie. Laurie wowed the audience … Read More

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