August 7 Trivia Question

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The winner is David Chernack


Which of the following are colleges where you can study bluegrass music?

A. South Plains College in Levelland TX
B. Berklee College of Music in Boston
C. East Tennessee State Univ. in Johnson City TN
D. Eastern Kentucky Univ. in Richmond KY
E. All of the above
F. Only B and C


Additional Bowden Comments

The first such “college program” I ever heard of was South Plains and I thought it was sort of “mythical” until I met Mike Bub, bass player for the Del McCoury Band. He had attended South Plains. I guess ETSU and Berklee would be the two most famous today.


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  • I think the answer is “F”. Missed last week because we had no power or internet until Saturday due to the storm.

  • I want to pose a sincere question to parents of college-age kids. Really, honestly, would you cough up $40,000+++ to send your little scholar to college to study BLUEGRASS??? Maybe you’ve heard the old joke about the bluegrass banjo player who had a home, a car and health insurance, CAUSE HE WAS MARRIED TO A TEACHER! Or, “what’s the second thing a banjo player asks you?” A: “Do you want fries with that?” God bless ’em if they really want to study bluegrass that badly, but REALLY?!?! Maybe it’s just me, I’m an old retired engineer.

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