August 14 Trivia Question

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The winner is Andy Bing


What instrument did Bill Monroe describe as:

The King Instrument ___________________________

The Fifth Child ______________________________

Must get BOTH right to win.

ANSWER is “Fiddle and 5 string banjo”

Additional Bowden Comments

This came from an interview with Monroe decades ago. I think it surprised a lot of people that mandolin wasn’t #1. He always felt he got the least important instrument among his brothers. Older Brother Birch got the “king” fiddle; next older Brother Charlie got the important guitar; and they gave little Bill the mandolin with just 4 strings on it cause it wouldn’t make much noise! Bill’s first music job was playing back-up guitar to the fiddler at a dance. “The Fifth Child” simply means the final, or last chronological instrument added to the perfect Blue Grass band. Bill’s banjo player of the 1970s-80s, Butch Robins, made an LP of banjo music that he titled “The Fifth Child”.


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