Audie Blaylock & Redline: I’m Going Back To Old Kentucky

by Pat Dinges

There are many flavors of bluegrass, but none so delicious as what you’ll hear on Rural Rhythm Records’ I’m Going Back To Old Kentucky by Audie Blaylock and Redline. My personal introduction to bluegrass music included just about all the songs featured on this CD. So, they hold a special place in my heart. Absolutely no track disappoints the listener. How can that be?

Audie Blaylock, along with Redline members: Patrick McAvinue (fiddle/vocals), Reed Jones (bass/vocals), and Russ Carson (banjo) comprise a wealth of talent alone. Add special guests Del McCoury, Ronnie McCoury, Bobby Osborne, Loud Reed, Carl Jackson, Glen Duncan, and Jason Carter to the mix and you cannot have anything less than a truly outstanding piece of work. These extra-special guest artists add a little of their magic to every single track on the CD.

“When The Golden Leaves Begin To Fall”

This BIll Monroe Celebration includes: “I’m Goin’ Back To Old Kentucky,” “You’ll Find Her Name Written There,” ” My Little Georgia Rose,” “Cry Cry Darlin’,” “Tall Timber,” plus seven more gems. Scott Vestal engineered the work; Audie Blaylock produced it. Bill Monroe would have approved it.

Audie dedicated the CD to his father, Fred Blaylock. In the liner notes he thanks his mother for her guitar (He took it over so she couldn’t play it anymore!) and his father for playing Bill Monroe and Jimmy Martin records when he was a kid. Yeah, I’m thankful for that too, Mr.Blaylock.

Spend your money on this one, folks. It’s a keeper.

Rural Rhythm Records


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