April 9 – Bluegrass Trivia Question

This Contest is Closed

The winner is Gary DiGiovanni


1. Samuel: Charles Samuel Bush
2. Maria: Allison Maria Krauss
3. Smith: William Smith Monroe
4. Delano: Floyd Delano McCoury
5. Eugene: Earl Eugene Scruggs
6. Raymond: Lester Raymond Flatt
7. Bell: Malcom Bell Wiseman
8. Lea: Rhonda Lea Vincent
9. Edmund: Dr. Ralph Edmund Stanley
10. Dee: James Dee Crowe
11. Lynn: Randy Lynn Scruggs
12. Ann: Dale Ann Bradley

13. Tie-breaker. Not “exactly” a bluegrasser, but important in the bluegrass story. Middle-named for someone who became famous. “Pendleton”. Charles Pendleton Monroe (middle-named for Uncle Pendleton “Pen” Vandiver)

Additional Bowden Comments

That was a hard one, yes. Glad we had a winner. Well done. “Lynn” of Randy Lynn Scruggs was sort of a trick question! Dale Ann Bradley was a gimme. Delano is actually Del’s middle name; his first name is officially Floyd. JD Crowe is one of neat pieces of trivia, I think. And 13 the tie breaker is Bill Monroe’s brother and first duet partner, Charlie Monroe, middle named for fiddlin’ Uncle Pen (Pendleton) Vandiver.

2 Responses

  • Drawing a complete blank on 1-12. For 13, the only Pendleton I can think of is Bill Monroe’s “ Uncle Pen” Vandiver, but that was his first name.
    Since that’s the tiebreaker, if no one else can get a single one of the first twelve, maybe I’ll have a shot.
    Tough quiz, Dick!

  • 1. Charles Samuel Bush (Sam Bush)
    2. Alison Maria Krauss
    3. William Smith Monroe (Bill Monroe)
    4. Delano Floyd McCoury
    5. Earl Eugene Scruggs
    6. Lester Raymond Flatt
    7. Malcolm Bell Wiseman (Mac Wiseman)
    8. Rhonda Lea Vincent
    9. Ralph Edmund Stanley
    10. James Dee Crowe (J.D. Crowe)
    11. Randy Lynn Scruggs
    12. Dale Ann Bradley
    13. ?

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