A “Thank You” From A Member

It isn't often that a member of the HVBA takes the time to write a note like the one printed below. Needless to say, this acknowledgement is greatly appreciated. Craig Marshall is a member who, himself, is a great supporter of the HVBA. Thank you, Craig!

To All Those Who Make HVBA Possible:
As we close our 20th HVBA anniversary year, this is a good time to reflect on how strong and successful our association is, what we've enjoyed, and how it is all made possible. Certainly this was another great year with the best performers, some even nationally recognized, at our showcases and concerts.

Our website is tops, and highlights the many activities that the association is involved in for the benefit of members and friends. All of this is only made possible because we are blessed with a super team of dedicated officers and supporting volunteers who often go unsung but are always working to bring great times and events to all of us.

A wonderful new addition is the performance series hosted by Lynn Rosen in the comfort of her home, and they were really special. I know I speak for all of our membership in expressing our heartfelt thanks to all who work so graciously for HVBA for their generous time, effort, and enthusiasm that brings so much joy to so many of us…. YOU ARE APPRECIATED !! Wishing all a great New Year.


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