A Hundred Miles or More: A Collection: Alison Krauss

This CD is a collection of tunes done outside of Alison Krauss’s Union Station Band, and several cuts outside the bluegrass genre. Alison has to me one of the easiest voices to listen to in bluegrass. She features her voice on this CD much to my liking, and as a bonus includes duet tracks with James Taylor, Brad Paisley, and John Waite.

“How’s The World Treating You”

There are tunes that have been previously recorded, and some new material with a total of sixteen songs.  She is backed up by a variety of today’s best acoustic/bluegrass musicians, who lay back and give her voice plenty of space. There is a nice range of texture in the music, from the up-tempo infectious tune “Sawing on the Strings” to the haunting tune Molly Bawn. 

After listening to the duet with James Taylor, I wanted more, and would love to see more collaboration between these two masters of voice.

Rounder Records

David Angell

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