A Huge Success!!! The Josh Williams Band Concert

So many of you came out last night to celebrate Josh’s 30th birthday and made it a memorable night for him.  You also came out last night to hear a great, great bluegrass band and we hope it was a memorable night for YOU. 

Josh, Jason McKendree, Randy Barnes, and Nick Keen delighted a large audience for over two hours.  If you weren’t there, well you missed a terrific night of bluegrass at its best.  If you were there and would like to let Josh and the guys know how much you appreciated the evening, please add your comment below and take a moment to look at our first posted photo album
First…the HVBA thanks those who made this concert so affordable:
Our Patrons: Ocean Valley Boys (Jeff Silverstein), Flying Change Farm (Dave Cobb & Diane Schoonmaker)
Our Sponsors: Jerry Oland, Paul & Lou Anne Lundgren, Bill & Mary Lunt
Our Supporters: Linda & Eric Perfecto, Lynn & Steve Lipton, Betsy Rome, Kate Mitchell, Ira Sheier, Leslie Bates & Terry Edwards, Ginny & Ed Schaffer

What pleases us the most is how happy the crowd AND the band were. AND…we are lucky to have so many people who take care of the details and make these concerts happen.

My (Lynn Lipton) personal thoughts:
I was bowled over by Dave Angell and his attention to detail-how lucky we are to have someone who really cares about getting things RIGHT; to Rabbi Neal Loevinger, for watching over the entire event like a proud Papa and not letting anything go wrong under his watch; to Mary DeBerry, who stepped in without being asked and did everything asked of her with grace…including sweeping up at the end; to George Nasca and Marc Berman, who handled the money so carefully (which I always seem to screw up); to Mark Hudson, for making good use of Facebook and for handling the tee shirt sales; to Linda Perfecto, who created the BEST birthday cake EVER (she has a new career ahead of her) and her husband, Eric, who was doing just about everything asked of him; to Faith Oland , who helped organizing the refreshments; to Rob Storms of Temple Beth El, who was there to see to all the little details and answer all of our cries for help; to Peter Conklin, who handled all of our printing needs and found Danny Sheehan for us; to Danny Sheehan, who gave us a great sound system; to Jeff Silverstein and Stacie Deiner, who put up the posters and jumped in to set up the sound equipment when we were faced with a mini-crisis; to Mike Foley, who got the word out to all the local sources and did the writing of all the articles; to Iain Birchwood, who interviewed Josh for our website and generated a lot of interest in the concert; to Betsy Rome, who volunteered to make the beautiful Program Notes and had to keep revising it for various reasons….and she never made me feel badly about that; to Joan Harrison for what we know will be world-class pictures of the event; to Fred Robbins, who…in his infinite energy…managed to post the event on every single bluegrass site in the universe and has already posted pictures of it on the Internet (where does he get that energy?); to Chris Scheu, who handled the money for Josh and the necessary insurance and papers that were submitted to the Temple; lastly, thank YOU….the appreciative audience….for being there.

It takes a Village to make a concert and we have a great community doing just that!!!

Lynn Lipton

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