Bill Keith: 1939 – 2015

From Bill Keith’s Facebook Page:

Dear music friends far and wide,

We are much saddened to have to announce that Bill Keith left us in the early hours of October 23. Wherever he is now, I know that he has only one regret: that his diminished energy made him postpone, one day too many, the message of infinite gratitude that he very much wanted to post on this forum to all of you.

Your joyful sharings, photos, support, musings, memories, and above all, devotion to music warmed every one of his days, and he never ceased to wonder at the fact that his modest self could inspire so much cheerful devotion.
Bill’s music will live through you all – and as Bill wanted, the Beacon Banjo tuners will also continue their proud tradition, now in the hands of his son Martin.
On his behalf, we thank you all with all our heart.

Claire, Charles and Martin Keith

And from The HVBA Archives: “An Interview With Bill Keith by Roy Coates” – 2008

Fred Robbins: Please see my tribute page with audio, video, stories, etc.

Roy Coates

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