2014 – A Year’s End Review

It’s hard to believe another year has passed so quickly! As the year kicks off, it’s time to take stock of 2014 before looking ahead to where we’re going in 2015. It’s easy to forget everything we’ve accomplished in the past year, but when you summarize 2014 in one post, it turns out to be a whole lot.

So here we go, HVBA’s 2014 Year in Review:

The year 2014 was a major milestone for the HVBA as it marked our 20th Anniversary as an organization. The HVBA is chartered as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit arts and educational organization and our mission has always been to educate the public about Bluegrass music and to provide musicians opportunities to meet with one another and share their love of Bluegrass music.

David Angell, HVBA President

To this end, over the past year, we have presented 6 showcases, 2 major concerts, 5 mini (including ‘in-house’) concerts, taught a 6 week course titled “The Evolution of Bluegrass,” and held 2 open jams a month (including slow jams geared toward beginners). In addition to our weekly newsletter of reviews and articles, we continued to grow our social media presence on YouTube and Facebook, maintained and enhanced our presence on the internet. This year, we grew our membership base, linked 27 local bands to our website, joined in cross promotion with Mass Moca, and Caramoor and hosted the Bluegrass stage at the always popular Arlington Street Festival.

For our 20th anniversary celebration, we hosted a Gibson Brothers concert at Christ Church in Poughkeepsie. Wow! What a fantastic band to cap off a another fantastic decade. And the brother-banter gets better and better every time we see them. At intermission we thanked our founders Jeff Anzevino, Dolores Tubbs, Chris Scheu, and all who helped the HVBA take its first steps 20 years ago.

Our Showcase Concert Series gives local and regionally popular bands an opportunity to perform. I’d like to point out that we pay special attention to younger bands, as they are our future.

For a second time the HVBA offered a course on the Evolution of Bluegrass 2014 through the Marist College Center for Lifetime Studies program. Eric-Rosi Marshall was lead teacher and did a fabulous job. Fred Robbins was there to record each session and it is all available on YouTube.

No summary would be complete without recognizing the many people who work to make all these events happen. They are all truly volunteers and do not receive any compensation, discounts, or complimentary tickets for their time and effort. This group consists of:

  • Lyn Rosen: house concerts
  • Nancy Angell: refreshments
  • Fred Robbins: videography
  • Betsy Rome: posters & program notes
  • Joan Harrison: photography
  • Ted Ansbacher: grant writer
  • Lynn Lipton: Website, Newsletter, & Program Director

I’d like to thank those who stepped up and helped sponsor our two major concerts. This group consists of:

  • Ellen Lewis
  • Susan Focella
  • Richard Bark & Family
  • The Lipton Family
  • C & L Restoration
  • Faith & Jerry Oland
  • Larry Washington
  • Ed & Dianne Ryan
  • The Carroll Family
  • Gale & Howard Foster
  • Frank & Ann Kara
  • Kevin Carroll
  • Jim & Debi Tyger
  • Dianne & Gordon of CT
  • Ted Ansbacher
  • Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival
  • Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival
  • Ginny & Ed Schaffer
  • Stacie Deiner & Jeff Silverstein
  • Hudson Crossing
  • The Lewis-Gibeau Family

Thank you to the officers of the HVBA:

  • Peter Conklin, Vice-President
  • Marc Berman, Treasurer and Lead for Showcase events
  • Chris Scheu, Secretary

Thank you to the members of the board:

  • Dave Cobb
  • Tom Donovan
  • Michael Foley, Publicity
  • Jack DiCroce
  • George Nasca, Membership Coordinator
  • Jerry Oland
  • Ed Schaffer
  • Mark Hudson, Merchandise, Facebook
  • Neal Loevinger
  • Jeff Anzevino, Founder

A special thanks goes out to Vivian Walsh for her guidance and work on our non-profit status.

Looking forward to the coming year we will continue what works and try to improve on what doesn’t. The open jam venue is up for review. After talking with members we conclude the parameters we need to consider in looking for a new jam site are a space/room to break into smaller groups, refreshments in the form of food and drink, and a place centrally located. We are also considering an application to the NYS Arts Grant this coming year to help grow our programs for you.

Finally thanks to all who come out and attend any of the events listed here. We do it for you and will continue to work for you as long as you continue to come out and support the programs and events.


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