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Bluegrass Trivia Contest by Dick Bowden

If you like bluegrass Questions & Answers, you've come to the right place. This is our weekly feature of "Dick Bowden's Bluegrass Trivia." I promise they won't be TOO obscure or TOO deep.  However, if they occasionally happen to veer that way a little bit, it's intended to be informative and a "teaching moment" about the history and content of bluegrass music.   

Admittedly I lean hard to the traditional side of bluegrass, so don't expect a lot of Trivia about Bonaroo, or Salamander Crossing, or the role of the didgeredoo in a bluegrass band.   

Conversation, good guesses, argument and rave reviews are welcomed in the Comments section below, so Post Away! Lynn Lipton will track the first correct answer and announce all of the winners every Thursday both here and in the HVBA Friday Newsletter.
I promise this will be the best possible preparation for Jeopardy's "BLUEGRASS MUSIC" category. And every now and then, I may ask you to "Stump the Master" with YOUR OWN trivia questions!


  • A new question will be posted to the website every Thursday evening.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the first person with the correct answer, but we encourage everyone to post. Who knows, there might be a runner up winner. Also, don't get your hopes up for the prize being some expensive instrument. Ain't happening.
  • Participants are allowed to post their own questions to Dick Bowden with the hope of stumping him. Maybe that would deserve another prize.
  • If you do get lucky and win, you will be out of the prize-winning category for at least three weeks; however, we hope you will still play the game and chalk up some bragging rights.

See the weekly question, answers, and comments here.

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