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Introducing HVBA President-Elect: David Chernack

The scrivener of this introduction has interviewed many greats over the years, but how often do you get to interview a president elect? True, it’s not Mr. Biden, nor a senator nor a president elect of a major corporation—but it is our own David Chernack, who has agreed (and has been elected) to serve as the HVBA president, a most lofty office with great responsibility and power. Actually, I’m not sure about the power, but certainly it carries responsibilities.

David grew up in Hyde Park. David’s musical career began at a young age, playing the viola at the age of 8, and during his younger years he was in his school orchestra, and had formal music training. Over his high school and college days he picked up various instruments, including violin/fiddle and mandolin. He is a multi-instrumental player, his musical interests include everything from classical to other more “modern” music.

He has always been greatly interested in music. He was introduced to bluegrass by one of his father’s CDs, a Dolly Parton disc “The Grass is blue”, still a favorite of his. On a local note, he recalls being greatly impressed with HVBA members Frank Cara and Steve Arkin when they did a bluegrass performance which spiked his interest in bluegrass.

He has been a member of the HVBA for two years, and participated in various HVBA activities. In his other life (non-bluegrass) he is an avid bird watcher, and has education and experience in environmental activities that benefit the Hudson Valley. He has an interest in automobiles (such a good, red-blooded American boy) and hopes his earnings as President of the HVBA will help him purchase a corvette to drive his fiddle and mandolin around in (wishful thinking, David!)

His plans for his presidency include trying to increase the jamming in and around our area, to make HVBA jams more frequent and accessible to all levels of musicianship. He is a supporter of continuing our concert series, and expanding the musical tastes of the membership to include classical but also more progressive/modern approaches to bluegrass. He hopes to continue working with the HVBA member bands, and encouraging them to perform in the Hudson valley.

And he really wants to keep the fun in music, bluegrass, in jamming, and in performances we can all attend and enjoy.

The HVBA hosts two monthly jam sessions!

The Manor at Woodside
168 Academy Street
Poughkeepsie, NY

Held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.

All of our jam sessions feature the Slow Jam, which happens during the first 60 minutes. From 6:30 to 7:30, we invite you to play at a sane pace in a supportive, non-competitive environment. The regular jam begins at 7:30 and all level players are welcome for the entire evening.

Masks and vaccinations are required.

For info, call Lynn at 914.456.1981

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