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Bluegrass Trivia Contest – May 10, 2024

by Dick Bowden

Bluegrass band emcees have a variety of approaches to introductions. Some have often attempted to be light-hearted as they introduce various members of the band. Some have bragged on certain sidemen, as Bill Monroe always introduced Kenny Baker as “the greatest fiddler in blue grass”. Some sidemen barely got introduced at all, perhaps with only a comment on what state they are from (also a technique of Monroe’s when he felt there was little to brag about). Nowadays, with humor most banned from bluegrass, band member introductions tend to be pretty sober.

Everett Lilly used to introduce his guitar-playing brother Bea (whose hat was slightly too big and pushed down the tops of his ears) “That’s my brother Bea there, he’s the lady killer of the outfit. Don’t you think the way his ears lop over under that hat he looks like a taxi cab a’comin’ with its doors throwed open?”


Which bluegrass band leader used the following introduction for his banjo player? “The next feller in line is the banjo playingest feller that ever come through this part of the country.”

A. John Duffey
B. Lester Flatt
C. Jesse McReynolds
D. Red Smiley
E. Jimmy Martin


Answers due by noon on Thursday preceding the publication of the HVBA newsletter. The answer and winner(s) will appear here after contest is closed.


  • Trivia Contest ends at noon on the Thursday before publication of newsletter.
  • Answers will appear in the Comment Section when contest is closed on Thursday.
  • A new question will be posted on our website on the Friday morning of the newsletter's publication.
  • Certificates will be awarded to everyone with the correct answer.
  • Participants are allowed to post their own questions to Dick Bowden with the hope of stumping him. Maybe that would deserve another prize.

Ed. Note: Check back to read any added details that have been posted by Dick Bowden. Well worth your time.


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