Buckeye Rooster was formed in Fall 2011 and since has been presenting a modern twist on the bluegrass music world, with original compositions that have been opening eyes and minds of audiences who had not before had the deep rich harmonies and acoustic instruments used on their iPods. The band members, inspired by a modern fusion ranging from Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, and even Hollywood Cowboy Gene Autry, have been attracting lots of notice while staying true to the bluegrass sound.

The band was formed by cousins Jon Randazzo (harmonica) and Bryan Lynch (banjo), who brought in long-time friend Mike Colucci (mandolin) and another cousin, James Wilson(bass), together with Donald Griffith (fiddle) and finally, Lucky Happenstance (guitar). Its shows are non-stop fun, high-energy and excitement to be a part of. They are guaranteed to have the crowd singing, foot stomping and dancing through the end of the final set. Like all great bands with presence, the crowd will likely refuse to leave before Buckeye Rooster's final encore is complete!
  • Mike Colucci: Mandolin

    Mike started playing the mandolin a few years ago after playing guitar in a variety of bands. Influenced by jams bands such as Phish, Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers as well as a myriad of jazz musicians, Mike hopes to meld traditional bluegrass with ingredients from these various styles.

  • Bryan Lynch: Banjo

    Bryan Lynch is a graduate of the Crane School of Music. After hearing gospel bluegrass at a religious retreat, Bryan decided to put his musical abilities towards playing the banjo. His musical influences when writing songs are based on a wide variety of artists such as Tom Waits, Del McCoury, Johnny Cash and the Grateful Dead. Bryan currently studies banjo with innovator and Bluegrass Legend Bill Keith, a former band mate of Bill Monroe’s.

  • James "Jimbo" Wilson and Jonathan "Jonboy" Randazzo: Guitar & Bass

    James "Jimbo" Wilson and Jonathan "Jonboy" Randazzo are cousins by blood and brothers through grace. Being raised in the loving truth of the Bible, James and Jon learned their great love and appreciation for country, bluegrass, and mountain music from the old time gospel tunes of the Christian faith. They first started their musical career singing together in the Junior choir of the Brick Reformed Church of Montgomery NY. James as an early teen took up the guitar and then the bass guitar, having a passion for playing driving rhythms. Jon took a shining to playing the harmonica at the age of 12 and has rarely been seen without one in his hand from that time on.
  • Buddy Griffith: Fiddle

    Buddy Griffith is currently finishing bachelors degrees in Music Education and Music Performance at SUNY Fredonia. Although he is primarily a classical bassist, he has a wide performance background in jazz, Dixieland Jazz, Rock, Blues, Bluegrass, Salsa, on an array of different instruments. Buddy is also interested in composing music for orchestra, rock groups, and small ensembles. He joined the Buckeye Rooster in December of 2011 on the fiddle.

  • Lucky Happenstance: Guitar, Vocals

    From musical dreams, Lucky Happenstance brings forth heavenly harmonies which he describes as "the song of the angels." With his Guild D45 steel string, Lucky picks and strums the rhythms of rapture passed down through the ages. Some of his major influences have been the hillbilly and rockabilly musicians of yesteryear. Lucky cites Bob Wills, Gene Autry and Johnny Cash as some of his favorites.

“Uncle Willy"

“Better Lands"

“Dogwood Blossom"

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