Review: Lonely Heartstring Band House Concert

Feb 1, 2014, Rhinebeck, NY
Presented by The Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association
Fred Robbins, Videographer


Just over a month has passed since the Haas, Walsh and Marshall house concert was presented by the HVBA in Rhinebeck under Lyn Rosen’s welcoming roof. This weekend she hosted Boston’s Beatle-inspired bluegrass group The Lonely Heartstring Band to an enthusiastic audience on Saturday night.

Review: The Deadly Gentlemen - Roll Me, Tumble Me

Roll Me, Tumble Me is the third album and first major label release by the Deadly Gentlemen. The band’s paradoxical name is apt: they are at once young Turks and seasoned veterans, playing their music with the energy and abandon of rockers, yet executing it with the technical precision of players who are virtuosos at the forefront of their craft. They indeed have the refinement of gentlemen, but their performances are deadly.

Review: Blue Highway - The Game


I think every bluegrass band could take a lesson from Blue Highway, and here’s why I think that is: they put the content, and the storytelling, before everything else. And, frankly, storytelling is what this kind of music, if not every kind of music, is really all about. At least I think so, and clearly Blue Highway does as well.

“It’s a similar formula to what we’ve had in the past,” says Tim Stafford of this new album, titled The Game. “It’s mostly original songs—that’s one of the strengths of the band and it has been from the beginning.”

Review: The Grascals - When I Get My Pay

The Grascals are as capable as any bluegrass band out there these days. They know what they are doing, and they are doing it well. They were the IBMA emerging artists of the year in 2005, they’ve played the Opry, and otherwise spent their time polishing the ensemble and their writing. When I Get My Pay is their 8th studio release, and might well be their best, which is saying something given that all their albums have gained critical notice and places on the charts.

Review: Lou Reid and Carolina - Live At The Down Home

Lou Reid and Carolina's 20th Anniversary Concert - Live at the Down Home was released October 1, 2013 on the KMA Records label. The concert was recorded live in December 2012 at the Down Home venue of Johnson City, TN; for many years known as a venue delivering solid quality performances. This performance was no different as it delivered melodious vocals coupled with expertly driven instruments, all done in a way that just feels 'down home.'

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