February Showcase: Two Dollar Goat

When: Friday, February 22 @ 6:30pm
Where: Christ Church - 20 Carroll Street, Poughkeepsie
Admission: $10 ($5/Students) all proceeds go to the musicians


One of the finest HVBA Member Bands is Two Dollar Goat. This month we will feature this band at our Showcase concert.

Back when Bill Monroe was deciding which instrument to learn, when recorded music was in its infancy and before musicians became embroiled in an ever escalating war of chops, folk music was presented in public in much the same way it was in private: simply, enthusiastically, with stories and jokes; as much for the entertainment of the musicians as it was for whomever happened to be close enough to hear.

Pirate Canoe Club Jam

The HVBA is celebrating it's return to it's old stomping grounds at the Pirate Canoe Club just off of Rte. 9 in Poughkeepsie.

The first three jams have been a great time, with a large jump in attendance, and old and new faces welcomed to the fold. We have a very large room to spread out in, and the acoustics are great!

The club also has various nooks for those that would

2012: A Message From Our President




It’s been a busy year for the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association. I have enjoyed this year interacting with this great group of members, bluegrass musicians and friends. In 2012 the HVBA provided:



• 8 HVBA Showcases – Local and Regional Band performances, and jam

• 3 Concerts – Blue Highway, Audie Blaylock and Redline, Lonesome River Band

• 4 Workshops – 2 Mandolin, Guitar, Harmony singing

• HVBA/Dutchess County Fair Fiddle Contest

• Bluegrass at Arlington Street Fair – an opportunity for local bands to perform

• Membership Picking Party and Picnic – Great music by Too Blue

• 6 week Course “Evolution of Bluegrass” taught through Marist College Center for Lifetime Study

• 23 Bluegrass Jams – Plus we moved back to the Pirate Canoe Club (Yeah!)

I want to express my deepest thanks to everyone who volunteered to make these events a success. We hope what we provide is the right mix for all of our members. Let me or a board member know what you think. We are here to listen to you.

Looking forward to 2013 I feel it is important to focus on our concert and showcase offerings, and examine ways we can improve and provide a fresh experience for our members. To this end a poll is provided below for you to give the board input. We value your ideas and want to align our efforts with what you want.

Please "Read More" and complete the poll.

HVBA Showcase: CornFed Dogs


Friday, November 30, 2012

$10/Person - $5/Students

You do NOT want to miss this group!  They wowed the crowds at Joe Val and we are so lucky to have them perform for us in Poughkeepsie.

Where: Christ Church - 20 Carroll Street, Poughkeepsie 

When: 6:30: Open Jam - 7:30: Performance

Refreshments available

Nick Novia-Fairfield, CT-Guitar
A vocal fixture of New England bluegrass! When Nick sings, and remembers the words, he tells the songwriters’ story! Slow pitiful laments, or breakdown bluegrass numbers, it’s all done the right way...with feeling, and golly it's "boni-fied!!"

Joe DeLillo-Colchester, CT-Bass
By far the local favorite! Joe is simply uncomparable as a bluegrass tenor singer, incomparable! Joe can sing and walk that bass fiddle better 'n most!
And, he can fix most everything.

Mike Sassano, the most powerful mandolin soloist you'll hear anywhere. Whimsical, energetic, and perfect. Mike has recorded with many stars of the genre. He may even sing something.

Ben Freed, a contemporary New York City banjo master, also keeps in the shade of Scruggs...powerful, syncopated "riffage" that complements any band lucky enough to have him! He can also sing! Look for some nice trios.

Injury Prevention Tips for Musicians

Orthopaedic Hand Specialist Offers Tips to Musicians on Injury Prevention this Season

Music brings great joy to the world. But not without musicians paying a heavy price in occurrences of pain throughout their careers. Playing an instrument is physically demanding and practice and performing often require many hours a day in stressful positions that can cause pain, numbness, weakness, or lack of control in the wrist, hand, fingers, arm, elbow, shoulder, and neck. “Overuse injuries to the hand are a serious threat to all musicians, whether or not they play professionally,” says Dr. Yariv Maghen of Somers Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Group. “The hand is a very complex organ, with multiple bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Repetition, fatigue, friction, vibration and awkward, static positions are all contributing factors to hand injuries in musicians.”

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