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After the Gibson Brothers’ show in Poughkeepsie last May, more than a few audience members - impressed as they were with the show in general - were inspired to ask specifically about the (relatively) new recruit playing the mandolin. “Who is this guy?” seemed to be the question of the night. Well, now we know. ‘This Guy’ is Joe Walsh and, though known among mandolin devotees for some time now, his inclusion in the current Gibson Brothers line-up has brought his tasteful, melodic and dynamic playing style to a much broader group of music lovers. Always impressive yet never flashy, his thoughtful approach to both rhythm and lead playing makes him a valued member of this - and any - band. 

Rural Rhythm: Class of 2010-It's All About the Music is a compilation vaguely reminiscent of bargain-bin records that cost a dollar apiece found in department stores in the 1970's. This CD offers a wide array of styles and approaches to bluegrass music.

I have been a huge fan, student, musician, and a lover of bluegrass music since I was a small child in the early 1970's and I have heard many great bluegrass bands in my time. Many bands have come and gone without notice and I feel pretty confident in saying that I believe I have heard the best that bluegrass has to offer.

Last Night!!!
We were enchanted!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that The Gibson Brothers will be returning to Poughkeepsie for another great bluegrass show. This past April, they delighted us with their music and stage presence and many have asked for a repeat performance.
Where Christ Church
  20 Carroll Street
  Poughkeepsie, NY
  Driving Directions Here
When Friday, January 14, 2011 at 7:30PM
Doors Open at 6:30PM
Tickets Available at the door

Good gospel music makes you feel good; makes you want to clap your hands and rock. Don Rigsby and Midnight Call presents this well with bluesy guitar, call and response and chunky rhythm in the first cut “Forgiveness.” Don shares the vocal lead with a female singer not listed in the liner notes for this cut but could be Beth Castle. She does a nice job weaving her vocals in and out with Don. Rory Block adds her slide guitar to this cut.

Don’s vocals are fluid and clear, riding effortlessly over a wonderful back up band as in “The Gospel According To Luke.”


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