The Gibson Brothers 4.17.10

The Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association is proud to sponsor the Gibson Brothers with Special Guests, Too Blue! 

Where:  The James Earl Jones Theater
             Poughkeepsie Day School - Middle School
             260 Boardman Road
             Poughkeepsie, NY
Doors:   Open at 6:15PM
When:   Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 7PM
Tickets: Available at the door.

Tickets now available at the door only.

Interview with Mike Barber of the Gibson Brothers

NOTE: Be sure to also read the interviews with Leigh Gibson and Eric Gibson

Lynn Lipton recently asked me if I would be willing to interview Mike Barber.  I am not a journalist and I have never attempted something like this, however, as a bluegrass bass player I greatly admire Mike’s playing and I jumped at the opportunity.  Mike caught my attention when I first heard the Gibson Brothers’ album Bona Fide about seven years ago. He plays with tremendous drive and energy.  He is a master of what I refer to as the three T’s: Taste, Tone, and Timing.  Mike is a great bass player and I thoroughly enjoyed having this conversation with this extremely gracious musician.


RB:  I understand you have been with the Gibsons for almost 20 years.

A Review of David Parmley and Continental Divide’s “3 Silver Dollars”

Since the early days of California’s landmark bluegrass band, The Bluegrass Cardinals, David Parmley has been setting his mark as one of the best singers, songwriters and band leaders in the business.  His smooth-as-velvet baritone voice is easy to identify amidst the scores of tenors out there today.  On “3 Silver Dollars,” he again reminds bluegrass fans everywhere that he has still got it!

While his band, Continental Divide, has seen some changes over the years, the lineup for this recording project was: David on guitar and vocals, Dale Perry on banjo and finger picked guitar, Kyle Perkins on bass, and Ron Spears on mandolin and tenor vocals.   I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any of the other members on this group, but I have met Ron Spears on several occasions and jammed with him at IBMA’s World of Bluegrass in Nashville.  Ron, formerly of Special Consensus, is a wonderful singer, songwriter and talented mandolin player.

Review: Jerry Butler and John Wade, Haulin’ Grass

A clever title for a highly enjoyable album of songs dealing with the life of the drivers of those big semis crisscrossing the land.  Several of the tunes are covers of classics originally recorded by the likes of Merle Haggard, Del Reeves, and Lester Flatt, along with some originals by Tom T. and Miss Dixie Hall, Dale Pyatt and Steve Thomas.

Rounder Records 40th Anniversary Concert

Let’s clear up one thing right from the start; this is not a bluegrass record. As the title indicates, it’s a 40th anniversary celebration, culled from four different concert events, mostly recorded at the Grand Ole Opry House in 2009. Nevertheless, it’s a highly listenable album, with several strong bluegrass tracks. Bluegrass fans will enjoy the performances by Alison Krauss, both with Robert Plant (“Rich Woman”) and Union Station, with Jerry Douglas (“Restless” and “Gravity”).  In case you missed Steve Martin’s impressive bluegrass CD, The Crow, he does two numbers, “Pikin Country Turnaround” and “Saga of the Old West,” each of which should convince doubters that he’s for real.  Bela Fleck has two cuts, “Keys To The Kingdom” and “Another Morning,” and he is awesome, as you might expect.

Interview with Leigh Gibson of the Gibson Brothers

Note: Read the interview with Eric Gibson and Mike Barber.

I notice your schedule is pretty broad. After Tennessee, there is Georgia, California then Germany before coming back to the HVBA concert on April 17th.

L:  We’ll be moving around quite a bit. Some years we might have a string of dates together in a region but in bluegrass you take the dates as they come.

D:  Guitar is your favorite instrument?

L:  Yeah. It’s the only one I play well (chuckle) so it would have to be my favorite!  I’ve been playing guitar since I was 11 or 12.  My dad and mom got me my first Martin guitar when I was 13 and that hooked me, an old D-28.

D:  Did you try to play other instruments?

L:  I played fiddle when I was 14 or 15 for a while. I can’t play the banjo at all. I play a little bit of bass.  A little tiny bit of mandolin but not enough to say I’m proficient at all.
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