This is the first concert for our Showcase Concert Series of 2015-2016 and what a way to begin! The Abby Hollander Band totally rocked the Creekside Stage at Grey Fox this past summer and now they are coming to Poughkeepsie to play for the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association!

When: Friday, Sep 25 @ 7:30pm
Where: Christ Church - 20 Carroll Street, Poughkeepsie
Adults: $15
Students: $5
Children Under 12:     Free

Abby Hollander is a singer, bassist and guitarist, and songwriter originally from Woodstock, NY. Coming from a family of musicians, she was raised on an eclectic mix of bluegrass, country, and jazz – which were played on the stereo a little and the back porch

This story was originally published in Oh Contraire Magazine in June, 2015.
Jim Gaudet & The Railroad Boys are a Premium Member Band of the HVBA


Jim had always wanted to learn how to play guitar after hearing his favorite artists make original finger picking sounds of their own. So one day he picked up a guitar and taught himself how to play. That one day has lead him to record deals, concerts, and a passionate fan base. His self-taught practice has given him a unique and genuine style that sets him apart from those who go by the books because he only has his own rules to follow.

According to John Lawless of Bluegrass Today, this recording project was started as George Jones was making his final tour. Now, George Jones was a unique artist who crossed over genres. While mostly country, he could also be considered a bluegrass singer as well.

George Jones is my favorite singer of al time. Though he is gone, his song renderings are haunting. Brad Davis brings them to life. In addition, he brings to life a song that tried hard to be destined for George to sing, having been pitched to him often through demo recordings over 20 times, yet never was recorded by him: “Make Me One More Memory.”

"Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me"

Mr. Sun lights up the musical horizon with infectious rhythms and the delightful interplay of instruments threads its way through eleven tunes on their first CD release The People Need Light courtesy of the nice folks at Compass Records. ​

The group, comprised of an "intergenerational tribe" per the album cover, includes fiddler Darol Anger, guitarist Grant Gordy, mandolinist Joe Walsh and upright double doghouse contra string acoustic bassist Ethan Jodziewicz. Listeners familiar with these musicians from their previous work will find themselves on familiar ground and in friendly surroundings. For those not already acquainted it serves as a perfect introduction.The album notes include descriptions of each tune by the musicians together with a list of the studio microphones and instruments used.

November 2008: Steve Kaufman Workshop and Concert a Success!

Workshop Cost: $90/Members - $100/Non-Members

Location for Workshop and Concert: TBD (in Poughkeepsie somewhere)
Minimum number in class: 20
Maximum number in class: 35
Minimum number for concert: 40

The guitar workshop will last approximately 8 hours total. 2 hours of workshop on Friday night. At this meeting Steve gets to know each student's strengths and weaknesses by observing through “jamming” and feedback. This is typically 6:30-8:30 or 7:00 to 9:00. He will answer questions, give some pointers and tips and hand out a questionnaire to the students to give him a general idea what they want to cover on Saturday.

On Saturday, the workshop will be for 5-6 hours from around 9:30 to 3:30-ish. Going over hard core picking skills, tunes and general building blocks for the millennium flatpicker.

On Saturday evening there will be a concert by Steve Kaufman costing $10/Members - $15/Non-Members

Before we proceed to set this workshop up (the last time we had it was in November 2008 and it was highly successful), we need to get a pulse of who will be attending. If we don't hear from the minimum number of required people, we will NOT hold this workshop.

Please fill out the Questionnaire at the bottom of the next page.

My dairy farmer father rarely took vacations, but when he did he always chose destinations even more old-fashioned than the rock-bound NH farm we lived on. Usually that meant Amish country, but on one of his last and certainly longest trip, he took my mother and their loyal Plymouth on the ferry from Portland, Maine to Nova Scotia, arriving in a rural past more perfect than they could have imagined. The views of quaint coastal villages and the loam rich fields of Prince Edward Island must have activated Jungian memories of 16th century Devon or the lowlands of Scotland, this Canadian paradise they later confirmed with a cache of Kodachrome slides they beamed onto the living room door: tilled green fields, dense forests, stark white buildings and almost no people.


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